If your are looking for a used Toyota in Lexington KY we may just have what you are looking for. We carry Toyota Hybrids and Toyota Prius vehicles constantly along with Toyota Trucks such as Tacoma and Tundra.

Toyota’s are well known for lasting dependability, as if you didn’t know… Right? There are more and more Toyota vehicles on the road every day and it’s not unseen to see over 300K miles on a well kept Camry, Prius, or any other Toyota Model.

This is a staple we here at Digital Auto will never steer away from. At our dealership in Lexington KY, Toyota’s are constantly coming in and going out because we know how dependable and reliable they are.

Finding the right used Toyota for our consumer is as important to us as it is to whoever we are showing the vehicle to. We know some people travel a good distance to find the deals we have here in Lexington so making this the best Toyota buying experience is our goal.


Toyota Prius

Lets talk about the hybrid of all hybrids, the infamous Toyota Prius! I would almost say that we are a Prius dealership if we didn’t specialize in all hybrids and other conventional cars that’s exactly what we would be.

So, yes… we should always have Toyota Prius’s on hand and many other hybrid vehicles but the Prius by far is the most popular and seemingly reliable hybrid on the market. We also have highly skilled Techs that service hybrids and more!

Don’t believe all of the myths about hybrid cars. Here are just some of the advantages to owning a Prius:

  • Easy to Repair
  • Inexpensive to Repair
  • Great Gas Mileage
  • Long Lasting
  • Very Roomy
  • Great Safety Ratings
  • Much More

That’s just the beginning of the positive side of owning a Toyota Prius.

We hope that gives you a good idea of how we can help you with your next purchase of a used Toyota.

So if you do happen to be looking for a used Toyota in Lexington KY we would love to be able to help you in your venture by making it the best expirence you will ever have buying a car all in all.