Toyota Prius V Prime Vs. Tesla Model 3

Posted Monday, Oct 10, 2022

Toyota Prius V Prime Vs. Tesla Model 3



I know comparing the Toyota Prius V Prime Vs. the Tesla Model 3 may be an obvious pick. Let's see which one would be better for you all around. As the retail trade for advanced fuel vehicles cares on the rise, many car corporations have started to adjust and grow with the customer demand by manufacturing cars with a wide Scope and state-of-the-art technologies. To name a few, Companies like Toyota and Tesla are among the many businesses that have pursued the manufacturing of alternative fuel vehicles. They have managed to produce amazing Cars under the scope of alternative fuel source vehicles, such as the Toyota Prius V prime and the Tesla Model 3.

Many clients, when presented with the two options, struggle to choose which vehicle they would like to invest in. To better help them understand their options, take a look below at some of the details of these vehicles.

Tesla Model 3

There aren't many Luxurious electric cars built like the Tesla modal 3. This expertly crafted automobile possesses a mind-blowing lineup of features that makes it not only one of the most enjoyable means of transportation on the market but also one of the safest and most reliable machines to hit the pavement


Toyota Prius V Prime Vs. Tesla Model 3


We can start by discussing the storage space of the tesla. Since it is an electric-motor powered car it has an absurd amount of space under its front head, commonly referred to by the users of Tesla as "The Frunk" (front trunk). It has a total of 23 cubic feet worth of storage space. Combining both the trunk and the Frunk, not only is this car spacious in regards to storing luggage but it can also comfortably house five people in its front and back seats combined.


Speaking of comfort, this car possesses heating in both front seats and back seats, along with a heated steering wheel to optimize relaxation on long drives in areas with less-than-ideal climate
Other Attributes
Moving onto some of its other attributes, the Tesla made 3 boasts a 271 Horsepower electronic motor with a total driving range of 346 Kilometers. Since it's a purely electric-powered motor vehicle, it is not consumed. Yes, this extremely fast automobile is also an economically friendly vehicle. Unfortunately, the tesla requires a low-hour charge with a 240 volts battery much to the users' discomfort.


The Tesla isn't just a fat and comfortable car; the manufacturers took special care to make sure the safety of the user was not overlooked. It has an auto emergency braking system, which is a technology applied to the car brakes when a crash is unavoidable to reduce the severity of the accident.


It also includes stability control, which becomes active when the car is no longer under the control of the driver. Lane-keeping technology; also assists in keeping the vehicle in its proper lane to avoid grazing other vehicles. In case of an unavoidable near-fatal crash, it contains side cautions and front car airbags in hopes of reducing major injuries and possible fatalities.

Toyota Prius V Prime

Just like the Tesla Model 3, the Toyota Prius V Prime has a great range of features that help make it one of the safest and most reliable vehicles on the market.

Key Features

Some of its background-information details include its 26,000-dollar price tag, and its driving range of 965 kilometers, 35 of which are purely electronic, making it a gas-electric hybrid car. It also boasts 53.55 miles per gallon which, when paired with its front seat heating, 5-person seating space, and 19.8 cubic feet of trunk storage that can increase to 36.6 cubic feet with the rear seats folded makes it one of the most comfortable and convenient cars for long drives with the family. Even in a pinch, though, it will guarantee your on-time arrival with its 134 to 171 horsepower and 1.8-liter cylinders for gas and electric plugin.


Toyota Prius V Prime Vs. Tesla Model 3

Safety & Stability

The manufacturing of the Toyota Prius had the safety of its drivers as their number one priority, as it features a fair amount of incredible safety measures in case of any unfortunate emergencies. These safety measures include its brilliant ABS System, which can automatically sense when a tire has stopped rotating under extreme braking and will modulate the brake pressure to allow the tire to rotate.

It also houses a stellar stability control system, which helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle when the handling levels have been exceeded by reducing the engine's power. It also comes with a built-in forwarding collision warning to alert any sleep-deprived drivers of obstacles. Many other detection systems protect the car as well, such as the pedestrian detection feature and lane departure warnings. Another inclusion in the safety systems is Blindspot sensors, which alert the driver of obstacles they can't see. There are heaps of airbags in this car. Besides the standard front and rear airbags, it even has side and knee airbags, making it one of the safest vehicles on the market.


Both these vehicles are excellent cars on their own and by no means would choosing one over the other be a mistake. However, the choice is dependent on the customer's needs, so here's a quick comparison between the various aspects of the two cars.

In terms of aesthetics, the Toyota Prius is somewhat dated. Its big, bulky look may be good for its practicality, but it doesn't look very flattering.
The Tesla, on the other hand, has a sleeker build, with bolt pattern tires giving it a sportier and more futuristic look.
Engine power

When comparing the power of the two cars, the Tesla Model 3 takes it by far. The Toyota Prius is powered by a 1.8 Liter gas cylinder and electric motor, giving it a total of 171 HP at best. Whereas the electric motor used by Tesla grants it 271 HP.


Where the Toyota Prius wins against the Tesla is convenience. With a full tank, the Prius has a combined driving range of 965 KM. The Tesla only has a driving range of 346 KM, which is less than half of what the Prius offers. Re-fueling stations are also easier to find than Re-Charging stations. Sadly, the Tesla is a purely electric car is a hindrance when compared to the Prius in this regard. The Prius also has the advantage of being more affordable than the Tesla, costing $26,000 in comparison to the Tesla's $42,000.
Emergency system

Both the Toyota Prius V Prime and Tesla Model 3 feature extensive emergency systems and protocols that include stability control, multiple airbags in a range of different locations, and emergency braking systems which are automatic and detect everything in the car’s path in the Tesla. There are also notifications to slow down when pedestrians are detected in the case of the Toyota. However, they differ in the fact that the Toyota features pretensioners and anti-lock braking systems which are not present in the Tesla but instead feature lane-keeping technology to keep the car from veering too far out of its lane and towards other cars which can result in accidents.

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This is a complete and honest comparison on the Toyota Prius V Prime Vs. Tesla Model 3. You can decide which is the best value for yourself.